Simply put, taking your dog to obedience class will not give you an obedient dog. Dog training is dog raising. It's more about the moment to moment in your dog's life, and less about what's happening during those times you set aside for dog training that matter. 

Traditional group dog training classes focus on commands that mimic the sport of dog obedience. Generic information, hurried timelines, and multiple dog training levels usually means spending money on a series of exercises, rather than something tailored to teach you how to help your dog fit into the actual everyday life you lead.

Critical to both short and long term harmony is to consider all of the individual factors that make each dog and household unique. At DogsUnlimited we've been doing just that for the past 25 years. Our clients' overwhelming success is based on understanding how to influence their dogs' behaviour under the realistic conditions of their everyday life.

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Whether you just brought home a new puppy, have an older  dog, an aggressive dog, a rescue dog, or don't know what to make of a certain behaviour, give us a call today to discuss your individual needs in detail. At DogsUnlimited, we make great dogs, one owner at a time!