DogsUnlimited founder and “Real World Dog Trainer” Mark McConnell started his career in 1994 after graduating from University. In those days, a visit to a client's home was followed up by several additional sessions away from the home on parking lots, green spaces, and just about anywhere people might spend time with their dogs in everyday life.

From the very beginning Mark thought differently about how professional dog training services should be offered. Today his services set a very high standard speaking to the needs of dog owners, as well as their dogs. Today’s dog owners lead lives with many differences. A quality approach must take into account the factors that make each situation unique. Individual attention, personal pace, and ongoing support are the three things that help people achieve and maintain success.

Today DogsUnlimited has grown into The DogsUnlimited Group. Mark is in his 20th year helping families as well as individuals, and continues to help people train their dogs for the life they lead. His goal has always been for clients to consider him a friend they can call upon at anytime - A lifestyle resource for the life of their dog.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more highly personal, or committed dog training & behaviour professional anywhere.


  1. Know your dog.
  2. Be aware of how your actions influence your dog's behaviour.
  3. Apply training knowledge consistently.
  4. Train your dog under the realistic conditions of everyday life.

A realistic environment is the best place for dogs and people to learn. We help owners understand their dog's behaviour, and set them up with a plan to improve it. Success training your dog is purely subjective. You decide what you want to achieve. We help you get there.

When a person is relaxed they tend to learn more, remember more, and apply more in everyday life. Owners aware of how their actions affect a dog's behaviour can bring about change. Group formats designed around a training facility often sacrifice the realism and personal attention essential to addressing the needs of the individual. Group sessions may seem less expensive at first, but if you aren't achieving a lasting result, are they really cheaper in the end? We guarantee to give you our very best, and stand behind you for the life of your dog.


DogsUnlimited does not default to the use of food or treats during obedience training. Body language and tone of voice are powerful motivators when used properly. A clear leadership role is what your dog is looking for. If you are not there to lead, your dog will be forced to assume the role. Praising reinforces good behaviour and creates a language of acceptance between you and your dog. Food based training has become heavily relied upon in the last 15 years. It is unnecessary in most cases, and should be avoided altogether in some. This is not to say food rewards are wrong, but we recommend mastering your dog's natural pathways to learning first. Establish yourself as CEO, Chairman of the Board, or other title worth branding a leader. Give your dog plenty of treats and spoil them rotten, but do so for being the friend you love and admire.