Client Services

1. The DogsUnlimited Lifestyle Process -
    Behaviour, Obedience & Puppy Training

  • One Process - One Fee. No levels or Multiple Programs to Purchase.
  • No Fixed Timeline - Progress Driven - Appointments Never Expire
  • Flexible Appointment Times - Full Service Schedule (Evenings, Afternoons, Daytime)
  • Custom Training Plan - Individual Needs Addressed from the Beginning
  • All Relevant Environments - “In the Real World, For the Real World” (Home, Neighbourhood, Dog Park, Public Areas etc)
  • Unlimited Ongoing Support (Questions & Progress Reporting via Email and/or Blackberry Messenger)
  • Lifetime Email Support - Unlimited for the Life of the Registered Dog
  • 5 Individual Appointment Consultations (1.5 Hours each)
  • Access to other Service Options Exclusive to DogsUnlimited Training Clients  
  • Any Dog, Any Age, Any Issue. We’re Here to Help.

2. DogsUnlimited Daytime “The Happy Bus”

DogsUnlimited Daytime takes traditional dog daycare to the next level. In fact, run of the mill doggy daycare centres pale in comparison to the stimulation (both mental and physical) that a trip on the Happy Bus provides! Experiencing real world diversity in a controlled way promotes balanced behaviour for a happy and well adjusted dog. DogsUnlimited dog training & behaviour clients benefit further by having individual training protocols reinforced seamlessly. The Happy Bus picks up your dog and drops them off again at no extra cost. DogsUnlimited Daytime delivers all of this and more for about the same price as you’d pay for regular dog daycare.

Click on the Contact Us link to inquire personally about this alternative designed to compliment your busy lifestyle. You can also learn more by visiting the DogsUnlimited Daytime dedicated website at Your dog will thank you!

  • 5 hours each day, 1-4 days/week
  • Home Pickup & Delivery Included
  • Controlled Socialization, Stimulation & Exercise
  • Reinforcement of Individual Training Plan Objectives
  • Individual Assessment Required, Space is Limited