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DogsUnlimited Dog Training & Behaviour Professionals - The Lifestyle Process

Dog Training is delivered individually, anywhere required, and at a pace based on individual progress. No fixed weekly timelines or schedules to keep pace with.

The Lifestyle Process provides 8 hours of at-home consulatation over 5 visits. The process is fully supported by unlimited communication between visits, and for the life of the registered dog. There is never a need to wait unit the next visit in order to convey an experience or ask questions.  

The content of each Lifestyle session caters to the individual needs of each client. Group dog obedience classes can only deliver a strict obedience curriculum which has its origins in the sport of dog obedience. The lifestyle process takes into consideration differences in character, life experience and is designed to closely reflect your dog's day to day life.

DogsUnlimited supports a wide variey of training methods. We continuously assess each owner and dog to select the best method for the situation. Most dog training facilities support one method and train all dogs the same way. Our 25 years of success is largely based in reverse thinking. First we take the time to consider all the variables, and then we select the method that is the best fit. Finally, as clients progress, we often adapt and combine methods to fine tune the success or address new behaviour.   

Since 1994, we believe the DogsUnlimited Lifestyle Process is the very best training value in dog training today. Call us today to discuss your needs, we're here to help.

DogsUnlimited Dog Training & Behaviour Professionals - Great Dogs. One Owner at a Time.