Personal, Relevant and delivered at a pace based on individual progress, Mark McConnell’s DogsUnlimited is unlike any other.

Allow Mark to be your lifetime resource for dog training and behaviour problem solving. He’s ready for the job!


How soon can I have you come by and start helping me with my dog?

There are no prescribed start dates. You may begin as soon as you like. Once you’ve made the decision to move forward, simply give me a call or contact me by email and get started today!

How does the cost compare to group sessions?

A trend in regular group session training is the concept of “training levels”. Often there are 4 or 5 levels offered from puppy through adult costing upwards of $150.00 - $350.00 each. DogsUnlimited has one course fee. There is no need for additional lessons or levels of training because your individual needs are targeted from the very beginning. The process timeline is completely flexible in part to ensure progress is being made, and also for your convenience. Become an expert on your own dog today, and achieve results that last a lifetime.

What is your philosophy on training, and what sort of methods do you use?

In my opinion dog training is a process, not a series of routines. It must on the mind moment to moment, rather than at specific choreographed times. Most popular methods or approaches to dog training have validity given the situation. I believe a balanced view contributes to deciding on the appropriate course.

Here are 3 fundamental things that I have found to be nearly essential to ensure you are receiving the best help.

  1. Personal Attention – Evaluating individual factors that impact your dog and how they behave, and making each dog owner an expert on their own dog.
  2. Time - Essential to not only changing patterns of behaviour, but to evaluating whether something is actually working or not.
  3. Team Approach - Communication between dog owner and dog training consultant. Real time questions need to be answered, problems explored, and progress reported.

What days of the week do you offer training, at what times?

My services are appointment based. Whether you need daytime, afternoon or evening, flexibility is the priority.

I always do my best to accommodate each and every client’s schedule.

Where do you do the sessions?

In the real world. Training is done in-home, at home, around the neighbourhood, or anywhere you spend time with your dog. Anything less isn’t worth paying much money for because it normally won’t transfer well into the diverse reality you ask your dog to live in everyday.

Is training done weekly?

Not necessarily. The frequency of visits is based on individual training needs, goals, maturity, your availability, and above all progress. There is no prescribed timeline because everyone’s situation is a little different.

How many times do you come to my home?

There are typically 5 visits. Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

What do you offer once my training is complete?

Whether its six days, six months, or six years, if your situation ever changes I am always available to support your training needs. Personal email access is included, and remains valid for your dog's lifetime. My DogsUnlimited Daytime service is designed to not only compliment your training, but is an impressive alternative to traditional doggy daycare or dog walking. This feature is available to you during your program, and can be continued after your training is complete.

What if I have to miss a session?

You never lose time. People work, go on vacation, get sick, have kids that get sick, etc. Services are flexible, and you are never charged extra for it. Simply reschedule your appointment for the next available time convenient to your timetable. I always say to people as long as I’m not on your doorstep, feel free to let life get in the way.

What if I have already taken another program somewhere else?

Roughly one third of the calls I receive are from people who have done some form of group training elsewhere and are dissatisfied with the results. Complaints include lack of personal attention, a chaotic learning environment, heavy reliance on food rewards, and an over emphasis on show ring style obedience training..

What other options do you offer?

There are two custom service features designed to compliment my main services. You can choose to get the ball rolling quickly by enrolling in my Pre-Service Training Program, or instead of paying for doggy daycare or a dog walker, have your dog “go mobile” and day-trip with me personally throughout the day. DogsUnlimited Daytime is where training and valuable life experience come together to give your dog a realistic boost during the most sedentary portion of the day.

Do you offer dog boarding?

I offer my training clients a home for their dog when they’re away. I understand kennel environments can be stressful places, and feelings of guilt can be overwhelming for some owners. Your dog lives in my "Home away from Home" setting. I’ve developed many lasting friendships over the years with clients who feel free to call upon me when they need a place for their dog to stay. I'll even pick your dog up and drop them off for your added convenience. As always, I'll reinforce your dog's training while they're with me because everyone knows I just can’t help myself!